Live Webinar: 16TH February 2 PM [EST]

Unshakeable Habits

Resolutions suck...healthy habits win

Hope you can join us! You’ll discover how Healthy habits add life to your years....

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What You'll Learn

How habits work and how to easily build and sustain a new habit or successfully eliminate an old habit!

  •  Want to get good at cultivating your will power to install habits that stick?
  • Are you making a permanent impression on your sofa or easy chair?
  • Do you know how you can easily move more without leaving home?
  • Would you like to improve your balance?
  • Is self-care at the bottom of your “to do” list?
  • Do you feel the need to calm your mind? Reduce stress/anxiety? Improve your focus?
  • Do you want the health benefits of mindfulness but find meditation challenging...
  • Do the words learn, improvement, exploration, gentle movement, sound attractive to you But... you have no time for any of it 😞

We all know the things that are good for us and the things that are not good for us, so can we set goals or resolutions to change our habits? For example - exercising. If my goal is to become healthier, I may resolve to go to the gym and workout 3 times a week. This might work for a week, maybe two, but probably not even that long. Why? The goal is too big and I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

The good news? We are not flawed. The process is flawed!

Unshakable Habits will provide the tools to enable you to break goals down into do-able tiny habits along with other elements critical to successful habit creation.
By joining our Vibrant Aging community, you will be supported and held accountable while celebrating every win along the way and we will have fun learning together!

You're not alone. And there's hope. 

Your Host


To cultivate lightness in life we must move in and out of darkness. Learning how to move your energy toward the light is easier with experts guiding you.

Our goal at Vibrant Aging for Life and The Yoga Groove, is to arm you with the right tools and steadfast support to live life well…even when life gets crazy…it’s a choice! 

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What People say about Past Live Events

Glad I took your Building Better Balance course Sharon! I learned from you how to make sure I was not badly hurt and I was able to get myself up after falling.


I’d been experiencing pain in my right arm for quite a while. Sharon observed me using my right hand to help myself get up from a chair. She correctly identified the root cause of my pain as a repetitive use injury.  More importantly, her recommendations helped me end the recurring pain and recover full use of my arm. 


Playing golf several days a week, would not be possible without regular sessions from yoga therapist, Sharon Byrnes. Good golf requires flexibility, focused attention, and core strength. These are a focus at The Yoga Groove!



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