Build Better Balance

What You’ll learn in this class

If you are over 60 and struggling with balance or you fear falling, then “Building Better Balance” can teach you how to strengthen your balance so you can reduce your risk of falling and continue to live life on your own terms.  Enroll in the “Building Better Balance” 4-week course where I’ll present the information you need all in one place! 

Balance requires harmony of our entire being: our physical, mental, and emotional self, so we’ll begin our journey by looking at the “Anatomy of Balance” but “Building Better Balance” will cover everything from assessing risk factors to fall prevention strategies and how to survive a fall!

The undeniable principle, “Use it or lose it,” is the main takeaway. It’s never too late to slow or even pivot turn the downward progression of losing strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Week 1

Risk assessment and environmental risk reduction 

Week 2

The Anatomy of Balance will focus on balancing and strengthening our body systems and bones while becoming better friends with gravity.

Week 3

Playing with the Vestibular System focuses on challenging and  strengthening our balance through creative, research-based movement.

Week 4

Functional Fitness and Survival Skills for Vibrant Living – Putting it into practice by adding smart moves into your routine.

"After falling twice with minor injuries, I sought the services of Sharon Byrnes. Initially I could stand on one leg only 5 seconds and the other leg less than 3! After working with Sharon my posture, gait, and confidence is much improved and I can stand on either leg 45 seconds or more. Even better- I’ve been free from falls!

K. Rogers


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Sharon Byrnes

Sharon Byrnes, Certified Yoga Therapist, believes that “Vibrant Aging” results from consistent, compassionate self-care. She offers smart, “do-able” daily practices that your future Self will thank you for!