5 Minute Fitness for Smart Seniors

On or with the help of a chair

Is walking, sitting, or standing becoming uncomfortable? Join me for 5 minutes per day! Feel better in a week.

The 5 Minute Fitness for Smart Seniors is launched.

Motion is lotion for muscles and joints, but knowing how to move safely may require guidance from a compassionate teacher/coach.

Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, Sharon Byrnes, can help you to improve as you move, safely. You may discover that changes can come quickly with a consistent, do-able daily practice!  

Real people.

Real stories.


Glad I took your Building Better Balance course Sharon! I learned from you how to make sure I was not badly hurt and I was able to get myself up after falling.


Playing golf several days a week, would not be possible without regular sessions from yoga therapist, Sharon Byrnes. Good golf requires flexibility, focused attention, and core strength. These are a focus at The Yoga Groove!