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Is Scoliosis a Natural Part of Aging?

July 5, 2021 | Vibrant aging

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What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is simply defined as an abnormal lateral (side-to-side) curvature of the spine. Doctors don’t agree about whether the muscles and soft tissue cause the curvature by pulling the spine out of alignment, or whether the spine itself initiates the problem.

Of course, unlike yoga therapists, medical practitioners dont usually consider the possibility that the real source of the problem may go deeper than the physical musculoskeletal system. We know, for example, that chronic depression can cause progressive postural misalignment.

Scoliosis is more common than most people think, and it often dose not cause any problems at all. In fact, lots of people have a mild scoliosis and never discover it because they dont have any pain.

Unfortunately, some of us DO have pain related to some degree of scoliosis of the spine. Problems can show up as back, neck, shoulder, hip or other pain.

Does aging CAUSE scoliosis?

Im not a medical specialist, but it

is certainly a fact that the way we use or repetitively position our bodies actually causes our muscles and bones to grow into certain shapes. Form follows function.”

So, when there is a repetitive asymmetrical movement (such as, improperly carrying heavy loads or habitually holding our cell phones between the same shoulder and ear) that pulls our spine out of alignment which results in imbalance.  Remember, at any age bones are still growing, so the shape of the spine and surrounding musculature can certainly be influenced and trained into a more pronounced curvature than normal, and that can contribute to discomfort.

This is why its CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to learn how to place, support, and lengthen your posture to maintain the natural neutral shape and fluid movements of the spine.

And it does not matter WHAT age you are or how long you have been losing length/height in your structure.  It is always possible to undo tension habits, prevent unnecessary stress on your system, and learn to feel, move, and live better!

It just takes a little bit of knowledge, determination, and skill!

I will be sharing exactly what you need to know to help prevent, manage, and ease discomfort, whether or not you have abnormal curvature in your spine related to posture and/or repetitive patterns.  You will learn these steps in my upcoming mastercourse:  Building Better Balance.

Check out my video, “Sharon Byrnes’ Groovy Spinal Stretch,” to learn what has helped me with my spinal “Osis, itis, and other stuff!”  You Tube channel link.

The video is easy to follow but contact me if you have any questions.  Also note:

If you have shoulder problems, start by sitting (mini-squat) in an imaginary chair, keeping your hands and arms lower than your shoulders.

–Sharon Byrnes, M.Ed., CIAYT, YA-CEP, ERYT500

Yoga Therapist and Vibrant Aging Coach

Live Life Well…It’s a choice!

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Sharon Byrnes, Certified Yoga Therapist, believes that “Vibrant Aging” results from consistent, compassionate self-care. She offers smart, “do-able” daily practices that your future Self will thank you for!

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