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Digging Deeper to Nourish Our Roots

June 15, 2023 | Vibrant aging

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Earlier this month I purchased four plants to replace what had been destroyed when our sewer pipes were dug up. Being “Deer resistant” and brightly colored, I envisioned pollinators as well as delivery people enjoying the fruits of my labor.

The next morning, however, revealed a total upheaval of everything!  Groundhog? Ground squirrels? Whatever it was saw fit to tunnel under the new plants as well as the Pachysandra, mums, grass plants and ground cover, leaving behind a massive mess.

What was I thinking?  My actions and good intentions were obviously not agreeable to one or more animals with diggers!  I try to live in harmony with nature, but nature insists on introducing more chaos into my life.  First the tree roots breaking underground pipes that resulted in ditches/trenches and pipe replacement. Next, remediation of the hillside, woods and yard invited more creatures to return. Then the demolition and constant construction noises of a neighboring property probably again displaced or seriously irritated many woodland creatures, followed by me digging more holes and adding flowers to what had finally re-settled! Yikes! Who can blame the animals for rebelling?  Even our felines, Nikki and Lucy, are misbehaving to protest the unbearably noisy interruptions to their daily routines.

Don’t we all love routine?  Perhaps not every part of an established routine brings joyous results, but predictability and maintaining status quo is exactly what our brain loves.  That’s why I wish to gently begin announcing some changes that will be happening with The Yoga Groove studio over the coming months.  I don’t want to uproot or transplant you or any of our groovy friends, but rather to transition onto our next chapter together as we may be bidding farewell to 4242 Airport Rd.

What, where and when will that be? I don’t know. I’m asking for your ideas, suggestions, and help.  To facilitate an open forum, I’m inviting all friends of TYG to attend a discussion in studio or via Zoom on Sat. June 24, from 12:30-1:00 (ish) The Zoom link will be the same as our class link.  Please email me your thoughts and questions if unable to attend June 24th.  This discussion will be recorded for those who cannot attend.  Please know that our time together does not have to end, and we have super special events worth celebrating in the “Events & Announcements” listed below 😃

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