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Becoming Your Own Best Friend

February 15, 2023 | Vibrant aging

We, humans, are amazing creatures capable of doing many good things. Some of us are caregivers of one sort or another. As friends, we give emotional support, ideas, and even physical care sometimes automatically. Unfortunately, we tend not to be so automatic about taking good care of our own needs. 


Because composing a blog or newsletter takes several hours, I sometimes sit at my laptop totally oblivious to the fact that I am becoming stone-cold! My fingers start to ache, my knees tend to lock and my efforts to rise aren’t pretty! Can you relate to any time when you were too caught up in the importance of some obligation, some interaction, some distraction, to take care of your own immediate needs? 

What causes this lack of attentiveness to one’s own self? Life experiences and upbringing play a part along with self-limiting beliefs that we need to be tough, independent or that our needs are less important than the needs of others. When we withhold love and care for ourselves, we are going against nature. Additionally, we cause our system to switch into the sympathetic “Fight, flight, freeze” mode of operation. Stress and inflammation are only two of the negative results.   

In this month of hearts & flowers, how about focusing on becoming your own best friend and your own best self. By honoring this alliance, and the needs that underscore it, you can be even more effective on any mission to help others. Take time now to respect, love and care for YOU! Hopefully, that means scheduling yoga more than once per week. If your home practice has disappeared, let’s work together to create your perfect short, do-able three-to-five-minute practice. Yes, you are worth way more than 5 minutes, but starting small is more likely to bring success and success can motivate you to continue. Once this new 5-minute practice becomes your “habit,” we can add 1-2 minutes more:-) 

As for my tendency to sit at my laptop too long? I now use an interval timer app to alert me every 20 minutes. I immediately leave my laptop, do my therapy exercises, then return to my work within 3 minutes. My stress is gone, my shoulders are more comfortable, and my refreshed brain works better. Installing this new habit has been beneficial and FUN!  

Even if you’ve missed the “Unshakable Habits” information session Feb. 16 from 2-2:30, you may still register to receive the recorded session, or make a commitment to improve something in your life by building a new healthy habit and/or eliminating an unhealthy habit. We can have FUN doing this together!!! CLICK HERE to join “Unshakable Habits that Stick” for a mere $47.50 through Feb. 24th. 

 Feb. 25th – Mar. 1st the cost increases to $57.50. (Still an incredible value for 5 webinars plus 1 to 1 coaching!  

Happy Valentine’s month, 


XOXO I Love and Appreciate YOU~ Namaste`, Sharon 


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Sharon Byrnes, Certified Yoga Therapist, believes that “Vibrant Aging” results from consistent, compassionate self-care. She offers smart, “do-able” daily practices that your future Self will thank you for!

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