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How to Navigate the Holiday Season

December 21, 2022 | Vibrant aging

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 Here are a few tips to keep in mind as we continue through December. 

Sharing with others about your emotions during the holiday season  

Emotional expectations of what the holidays should be like can cause feelings of sadness to be more pronounced when we see others celebrating the season. Understand that your feelings of loss or depression are real and it’s beneficial to share them with others, whether a family member, friend, or a professional counselor. Acknowledging and verbalizing your feelings can provide some relief and alert others to how you feel so they can provide emotional support.  

We are here as your online community should you start feeling alone and have fears about common conditions that come with age as well as ongoing conflicts promoted by the mainstream media. With age, we face increasing risks to our knees, shoulders, and more. These risks can discourage us from participating in preferred daily activities and social events. The goal of The Yoga Groove is to meet you where you are and assist you through functional movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, and more. We can assist you to sit, stand and move more confidently and with greater ease. We will help you to breathe freely while building strength and balance so you can enjoy life and remain independent.  

Stay connected during the holidays 

Being socially isolated impacts both our emotional and mental health. Finding social activities, we can participate in is important whether it’s with family, friends, church, a local senior center, or an online community. Some of these offer transportation services or provide activities remotely for those with computer access.  

Become involved in or volunteer with community organizations like homeless and domestic violence shelters, food pantries, SPCA, hospitals, or churches that engage in outreach activities for those in need. If you have limited transportation, you can always write cards, adopt a family, and provide gifts or food. Reach out to others who may be socially isolated. What the past two years have taught us is how to be connected to others in different ways– phone calls, letters, or through the internet.   

Above all else, don’t let “staying safe” keep you from having FUN! 

Thanks for welcoming me into your ‘inbox’ and please share this info with others who may benefit.  


Live life WELL…it’s a Choice! 

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Sharon Byrnes, Certified Yoga Therapist, believes that “Vibrant Aging” results from consistent, compassionate self-care. She offers smart, “do-able” daily practices that your future Self will thank you for!

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