March 11

How Do We Find PEACE?!


The Opioid Crisis, Already Serious, Has Intensified During Coronavirus Pandemic

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Coronavirus: How the pandemic has changed the world economy

Rapid Inflation Stokes Unease From Wall Street to Washington

How do these headlines make you feel? Crazy? Anxious? Fearful? Depressed?

The human system craves regulation and wellness, but we are constantly inundated by bad news with worrisome consequences. How can we find peace in this situation? We know our nervous system deserves better, but we need to show it the way

If you have hope and curiosity that something might bring you better health, greater ease, less frustration, and worry…then it’s important to trust that curiosity, support that hope, and move forward into “Living WELL with Uncertainty.”

“Living WELL with Uncertainty” is for you if you:

* Feel beat down by circumstances beyond your control

* Are noticing that you want to move freely, but your body says “NO”

* Want to understand your best breathing practice whether active or at rest

* Feel the need for greater purpose and connection

When you join “Living WELL with Uncertainty,”  you become a part of our Vibrant Aging for Life community and the learning is yours to review, practice, and keep so that you can maintain a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

“Living WELL with Uncertainty” live-streams 1-2:15 EST every Thursday April 14- May 5 but this online course can be taken at any time. Recordings will be posted within 24 hours.

Module 1 “Stress Reduction through easy movement” 

Module 2 “Breathing to De-Stress” 

Module 3 “Emotion Commotion- Conscious vs Unconscious Thoughts

Module 4 “Putting it Into Practice- to Enrich Your Life” 


Shifu Ralph Dehner Is a caring, creative Tai Chi for Health Institute Master/Trainer who teaches people of all abilities through a soft, slow, smooth, and stable progression of movements that can de-stress and rejuvenate the system. 

Lisa Walsh is an experienced Registered Respiratory Therapist and Yoga instructor who uses her knowledge of the breath to help people learn practices specific to their needs.

Patricia Faust is a gerontologist specializing in the issues of brain aging, and brain health.  

She believes that anyone can change their brain and live a life without dementia.

Sharon Byrnes, Certified Yoga Therapist, believes that “Vibrant Aging” results from consistent, compassionate self-care. She offers smart, “do-able” daily practices that your future Self will thank you for!

Our online course is dedicated to healing and transforming hard to treat ailments of anxiety, depression, stress, and dis-ease. If you’re tired of just “going along” or staying stuck, please allow us to be your wellness teaching team.


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